10 things every Formula 1 fan should be excited for in 2022

9. F2 and F3’s biggest season yet

As the title suggests, the road to Formula 1 enjoys a enticing season in 2022.

Both championships will race on the same weekends as F1 and revert from three races per weekend to two, their formats also changing to reflect that.

We’ll now see F2 join F1 at 14 events in 2022, beginning at the Bahrain season-opener while F3 will compete alongside both F2 and F1 in nine rounds.

Both championships also welcome Dutch outfit Van Amersfoort Racing, with whom a certain Verstappen made his single-seater debut in 2014, and a host of new drivers aiming to make their mark.

F2 and F3 provide unrelenting action in support of F1 throughout the season