101 facts that most people don’t know about cars

When it comes to learning about some of our favorite cars, one of the interesting factors is that it might be nearly impossible to get to the bottom of every fact that exists out there. At the end of the day, there are simply too many bits of information to learn and a list that is always expanding and not quite enough time to truly learn about it all. Some of these facts may be useful but others are just random bits of triva.

This time, though, we get to dig into a list that really takes that concept and expands our knowledge a little bit. In this video from TopCars TV, we get 101 facts that most people probably don’t know about cars. Even those among us who claim to be aficionados of sorts might find a couple of facts here that are a little bit surprising.

For example, we bet you didn’t know how many cars a Bugatti owner has, on average! The answer is 84 but that’s not where it stops. They also own multiple jets and a yacht, on average, as well.

This list really digs into some oddities and a couple of facts that might’ve been hiding in plain sight but are still good to keep in the Rolodex for a little bit of fun trivia. Perhaps pulling out info on the largest speeding fine ever could be a way to impress your friends.

By following along with the video below, everybody gets a little bit of information to add to their automotive encyclopedia. Just when we thought that we knew just about everything that we could about the automobile, along comes a compilation like this that really takes things to a new level.