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1200 HP twin turbo “Mudstang” takes on late model Mustang in muddy hill climb

Have you ever been scrolling through social media and come across something that’s completely obscure and doesn’t really make much sense but you can’t help but watch anyway? Well, this time, we think that we found the video that really captures that very phenomenon at its core.

As for the question of “Why?” we can’t really get to the bottom of it. However, with this display of Ford Mustang off-roading, we also can’t help but take a look and watch to see what happens. The goal at hand seems to be a traditional hill climb that one would find in the world of off-roading. However, the competitors taking on this hill are anything but traditional.

In one corner, we have what looks like your average late model Mustang. It’s definitely an offbeat machine to try and take into the mud. However, the competitor up against it is even more off-the-wall as it appears as if a car originally built for drag racing has been re-purposed to take on the elements.

Fitted with a twin-turbo Coyote to crank out 1200 hp, the machine that has become known as the “MUDstang” boasts a massive set of wheels and off-road tires. Without being too incredibly familiar with the build, it looks like these wheels and tires are mounted out wide thanks to the help of some pretty intense spacers. When all is said and done, it seems to be a car that’s sitting at about stock ride height except with wheels that are much bigger than what would fit on a stock vehicle