19 Things New Drivers Need To Figure Out Right Now

Any new driver should the time to learn these simple lessons now and they’ll become a much better driver for it!

Learning to drive, whether you do it through Driver’s Ed or a private driving school is a complicated and often confusing experience. Be prepared to be bombarded by a lot of information; everything from the mechanics of how to get the car moving to the meaning of some of those mysterious road signs you see across the country.

It’s important to remember that passing your driving test and finally getting hold of your driver’s license is not the end of the learning process. As a newly-qualified driver, every day on the roads is another driving lesson. And when it comes to driving, it is definitely true that practice makes perfect!

The best driving instructors will teach you everything you need to know to safely navigate traffic, but unless you are one of those unlucky people who fail their driving test over and over again, they are going to have limited time to impart their expert knowledge. They certainly don’t have time to pass on all the hints and tips they have collected over the years to make you a better – and a safer – driver.

The list below is a quick guide to some of the most useful tips for new drivers that your instructor at driving school probably didn’t tell you about. Take the time to learn from them now, and you’ll become a much better driver for it!

19 Give Others Right Of Way

Crossroad junctions can be tricky to get the hang of, especially in quiet areas where no one road has right of way. In theory, all four roads can move forward if they need to, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what problems will ensue if that happens.

Newly qualified drivers shouldn’t be going out of their way to be aggressive drivers, and one great way to demonstrate some patience is by letting other cars have right of way at multi-lane junctions.

Not only will you avoid potential accidents, but your good manners might even send other drivers away in a happier frame of mind – and that’s better for everyone on the roads!