A TikTok star who provoked a 100 mph police chase for ‘fun’ was caught on camera and arrested by the highway patrol

Social media star Damaury Mikula, 18, was arrested Friday after leading Florida Highway Patrol troopers on a high-speed chase for “fun,” Fox News reported.

Mikula, who has more than four million followers on TikTok, allegedly started doing a “burnout” and smoking the tires of his Dodge Challenger next to a patrol car in Pasco County, Florida, the media outlet said.

Police say he ran a red light, sped off, and led troopers on a high-speed chase of more than 100 mph, per Fox News.

Mikula did not pull over when a trooper flashed his lights and activated his siren, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Video footage of the incident shows Mikula’s Dodge Challenger speeding away as police sirens blare.

The trooper then went to Mikula’s house and arrested him “nearly immediately” without incident, according to WFLA.

WFLA reported that, after being read his Miranda rights, Mikula boasted that he earns $400,000-$450,000 per year.

“Mr. Mikula advised his state of mind was that he is young, makes a lot of money, and has a fast car and he can do whatever he wants,” said trooper W. Kelly of the Florida Highway Patrol, according to WFLA.

“Mr. Mikula admitted that was a foolish way of thinking and not a good way to live,” he continued. “Mr. Mikula advised he wanted to do something fun for three seconds, and it cost him.”

Mikula was taken to the Pasco County Jail.

County records show that he was charged with eluding the police with disregard of safety to persons or property, reckless driving, and racing on a highway.