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As a Power Wagon he became the Race Tractor

The Race Tractor was born from a 1951 Power Wagon pick-up and Jeremy Benson’s passion for off-roading. A beautiful Ultra4 style prototype that exhibits great personality and style.

When Jeremy Benson heard that an old 1951 Dodge Power Wagon was for sale in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle, a few miles from his home, Bellingham, Washington state, he knew it must be his. But what Jeremy didn’t know at the time of purchase was that the pick up would become that desert and rock crawling “phenomenon” that we have before our eyes.

After taking him home and stripping, he realized, due to the bad condition of the vehicle, that the restoration work he had in mind was taking a very different path. Having available a first generation 5.9-liter 12-valve Cummins diesel engine from a 1992 Dodge pick up W250 and a 1998 Dodge NV4500 manual transmission, Jeremy eliminated the engine, the standard transmission and related components for make room for the new engine. Not long after, a new idea came forward in Jeremy’s project: to transform this old truck into an Ultra4-style “rig” in order to create something unique, functional and fun to drive.

Jeremy Benson grew up in the classic American pick up culture and honed his 4×4 making skills from a young age. Having prepared several Jeeps and having participated in the King of the Hammers race as a recovery volunteer in 2011, Jeremy knew that the “build” he was making had to be able to tackle the inexorable Johnson Valley terrain. As a result, the “RaceTractor” was built around an Ultra4 style tubular chassis, with the cabin remaining the only original element of the 51’s Power Wagon.

Continuing the work, Jeremy used a Kingpin Ford Dana 60 front axle, combined with a GM Corporate 14 Bolt rear axle. The suspension geometry is a 4-link with Fox Factory Race coilovers shock absorbers coupled with Fox’s triple bypass, both at the front and rear. They conclude, and make the preparation impressive, the 40 “Trail Grappler tires by Nitto mounted on 17” Trailready HD rims. Although Jeremy did not participate in the King of the Hammers with the Power Wagon, he raced and finished the NORRA Mexican 1000 in the Ultra4 class, taking home a third place.

Jeremy’s desire is to keep his Race Tractor as it is: a one-of-a-kind 4×4 vehicle and to continue driving it wherever he wants, regardless of whether he picks up his children from school or ventures along the dirt roads of the county of Whatcom or in the trails of the Lakebed.

The tubular frame was made using 2 “DOM steel pipes while 1 3/4” DOM ​​pipes were used for the secondary elements. Since the cabin interior is small, the B-pillar behind the cabin has been redone to have more space inside for seats and more comfort.

  • The engine comes from a 1992 Dodge W250 pick up. It is a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel modified with an increased injection pump, 50 hp injectors, a He351 CW turbo larger than the original. The power is 350 HP with a torque of 650 ft / tq.
  • The gearbox, a 5-speed manual is an NV4500HD that comes from a 1998 Dodge. It has been rebuilt with a 1 3/8 “Heavy Duty Valair input shaft and an improved fifth gear. The ceramic clutch is a Valair.
  • The gearbox is an Atlas II with a 300 m input shaft and race gears. Ratio 3.8.
  • The front axle is a 1979 Dana 60 Kingpin pinion type Dana 60. It has been modified by shrinking it by 4 “and reinforced with a sheet metal trellis, while the C are Solid with reinforced knuckles. The 40 spline axles are RCV with ARB differential with Yukon ratios at 4.56.
  • The rear axle is a GM 10.5 “14 bolt with reinforcement. The differential is an ARB with Yukon ratios at 4.56. The axle shafts are Yukon chromoly.
  • The rear brakes use GM calipers with single piston and 3 / 4ton discs. The front ones are dual-piston from Ford.
  • The steering is the complete hydraulic system of PSC and uses the Artec steering arms.
  • The front suspension is a 4-link with reverse triangles. The shock absorbers are 2.5 x 14 “Fox Factory Race coilover coupled with Fox’s 2.5 x 14” triple bypass. 2.5 “x 2” bumpstops are Fox.
  • The rear suspension is a 4-link with lower longitudinal arms and upper triangle arms. The shock absorbers are 2.5 x 12 “Fox Factory Race coilovers with 2.5 x 14” triple bypasses mounted on the longitudinal arms. The bumpstops are Fox 2.5 x 2 “.