Car jumps cars at Ford dealership

Generally, when stunt drivers plan on doing something like a jump over a dozen or so cars lined up in a row, there’s lots of planning and calculating and equipment testing and all that. It’s a big deal. Maybe, though, all those daredevils have been wasting time, since it seems you can just get dizzy at the wheel of a Toyota Camry and do basically the same thing. At least, that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon off of U.S. Highway 19 by a Ford dealership. Oh, and, yeah, it was in Florida.

Crystal Ford is in Citrus County, Florida, which is where the Camry was driving when its driver began to feel dizzy and lost control, veering onto a grassy area by the side of the road before going over a berm and launching into the air, which caused this to happen:

Holy crap, right? Look at all those cars the Camry missed! It seems it was about a dozen brand-new cars, all unharmed by the flying Camry. Of course, eventually, the Camry’s luck and aviation magic ran out:

as it landed and hit two parked SUVs that seem to be Lincoln Navigators, in case you’re in the area and looking for a really good deal on a lightly-impacted Navigator.

Thankfully and incredibly, nobody was hurt, though this was all caused by some sort of medical situation with the driver, whose name and age have not been released.


The driver/pilot was shaken and hospitalized but is expected to be fine.

The overall distance traveled by the Camry was measured to be about 139 feet, which is longer than one of the very first Wright Brothers flights, at 120 feet.