How to check a car before driving | Long trips

Check fluids in the car periodically.
Check the oil weekly. Check the brake and power steering fluids and engine coolant transmission fluids monthly or before a long trip to be sure they are full. Check fluids when the engine is cold. Fill the wiper fluid if necessary.

  • Read the owner’s manual for directions on how to check the fluids. Engine fluid levels—including oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluids—are easy to check via dipsticks found under the hood. Engine coolant is visible in a plastic container apart from the radiator on newer vehicles.
    Have the battery tested before a trip.
  • Although you can take have the battery tested by a mechanic, you can check for obvious signs of corrosion on the terminals or for signs of cracks or leaks.[10] Have the battery fixed or replaced immediately if you find anything wrong.
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  • Activate your windshield wipers and sprayer to be certain they work.
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    Check your air filter before a long trip, as it can affect fuel efficiency and engine performance.5
    Make sure the spare tire is inflated and serviceable and the jack is present. It’s a good idea to check them periodically even if you aren’t going on a long trip.