Terrifying dash cam video shows the moment two cars crashed and went into the river near the S-curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon

HEIGHTS OF COTTONWOOD — A “serious collision” shut down both lanes of state Route 190 in Big Cottonwood Canyon on Sunday, injuring four persons.

Three of the persons involved received minor injuries, while one is in severe condition, according to a tweet from Unified police. The accident involved two automobiles, according to the report.

Officials said the collision happened near the “S-turn” about 6 miles up the canyon. Downhill lanes will be available at 5:18 p.m., according to the Utah Department of Transportation, as a second tow truck tries to bring one of the automobiles out of the canyon. After both automobiles were recovered from the embankment, both lanes of traffic were fully reopened around 7:15 p.m.

“Sitting in traffic ain’t enjoyable,” said the tweet, “but thank you for your patience while UPD @FireAuthority worked to evacuate those involved in the slide-offs out of the canyon.”

The automobiles were seen off the road and down an embankment in photos taken at the site. “It is believed that getting the cars back on the road would take some time,” police added.

Watch the video below to watch the dash cam footage and learn more.

Heavy rescue specialists were “trying to extract rollover victims” and “keep traffic flowing,” according to a spokeswoman for Unified Fire. There were no early information about the crash’s circumstances.

After significant weekend snow, SR 190 was crowded on Sunday as winter sports fans drove to and from mountains like Solitude and Brighton.

I watched this same truck on its way up the canyon a few hours prior. He was swerving out of his lane and blasting on the pedal. An officer even did a 180 to tail him. I don’t think it was weather conditions that caused it…. I think it was aggressive driving. I hope they all turned out safe though.

This area, I have thought one too many times “what would happen if the car went off the edge”. Now I know. Hope everyone recovers well! Not a fun situation on a day up in the mountains


I REALLY think some of these cliff roads should have some elastic guard rails.
Not the common metal ones that just ricochet the vehicle back into oncoming traffic but rather something elastic, like a canvas fabric (obv strong, like a fire hose for example) or a net-like rail that is also not bolted on the posts but goes thru something like a needle hole.
The benefit? That it catches the car, keeps it to the side, doesn’t catapult it back into traffic and prevents damage to car and driver.
Even old skid steer tracks, which also would be a great way to repurpose or recycle them could possibly be an option. Because Utah or SLC does not have a recycle system for skid steer tracks as they are metal wired.