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The 10 essential accessories for those who start off-roading

Ok, you bought a new or used 4×4, but not prepared, and you want to start offroad. Here is our ranking of the 10 accessories you should have to start off-roading.

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We thought what could be the correct sequence to follow to start preparing your 4×4 and which, in order, would be the accessories to be mounted first to be ready to go off-road. In this article we thought of a basic preparation suitable for use in Italy for meetings and events. For travel or even for races, the discussion would be totally different.


Obviously, we have not listed all the possible accessories or preparations. We focused on what should be useful to those who start from scratch and slowly become passionate about the sport. Increasing the level of difficulty of the off-road vehicle that is practiced, consequently the need for preparation increases.

Here is our list of 10 essential accessories for those who start off-roading.


1) Tires. They should have a suitable tread for off-road use even in the presence of mud. Furthermore, the drawing should be indicated for the type of offroad you intend to do.


2) Strop and crickets. Indispensable! To be always kept on board both for themselves and to help others.


3) CB radio. Not only to keep in touch with the group but also to ask for help or receive requests for help.


4) Linkage, gearbox and gearbox protections. Gaping and blunt are very common offroad situations. Often the most exposed organs are precisely those underbody together with the differentials. With these accessories you will be more relaxed.


5) Trim. An adequate suspension system not only raises the 4×4 off the ground but allows you to better copy the terrain and obstacles. Keep in mind that a rise does not increase the distance from the ground of the differentials of the rigid bridges. This situation is resolved with higher tires. The more difficult the off-road vehicle you do, the more adequate the suspension.


6) Door sill protections. Often little considered; instead they allow the machine to slide over rocks and other obstacles while protecting the bodywork.


7) Differential locks. The first to be installed normally is the rear one, to which, as needs increase, the front one is added. The differential lock allows you to always have traction on both wheels of the same axle. There are also self-locking or self-locking systems.


8) Winch and bumper. When the off-road gets tough, the winch becomes indispensable. Not only for themselves but also to get others out of trouble. This accessory is often combined with a heavy-duty bumper for installation. It can also be fixed to the frame with ad hoc plates.


9) Beadlock. Useful accessory, as an alternative to internal Staun-type systems, to not break the bead and make the tires work at low pressures.


10) Snorkel. In addition to not letting water enter the air filter and therefore in the engine in fords, in very dusty situations or in the desert, it avoids, perhaps combined with a cyclone head, the entry of sand and dust.


To all these accessories, off the charts, I would add the roll bar or rollcage which, both for your own safety and that of passengers, should always be a priority. The external rollcage is also very useful for resting on plants and preserving the bodywork.


At this point, you should be ready for your first ride. Obviously it is not necessary to install all the accessories listed together but, following the list, already with only the first three points you will be ready for your first obviously non-hard meeting.


Have fun