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The 15 trendy Cars and SUVs attracting female buyers

The Miata is often referred to as a girl’s car, and there are guys buying Ferraris to attract women. But what cars do women actually prefer to buy?

Women's favorite cars

The times are rapidly changing, with women now rising to the top in every field and becoming increasingly empowered and powerful along the way. The world’s female population is more independent than ever and is slowly but surely starting to make its presence known in male saturated fields as well.


One of the perks of being an independent female is that you get to make your own decisions, which includes choosing your cars. These days, women are increasingly purchasing some of the hottest luxury cars on the market.

While every female is unique, meaning we can’t generalize which type of cars women buy, we can look at trend patterns to get a fair idea of which cars happen to be favorites among female car buyers. Here is a list of some of the hottest cars and SUVs female buyers are attracted to the most.