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The $500,000 Coyote Truck | ’55 Ford F100

There are a lot of ways to go about building what one perceives to be the “perfect truck.” However, I think that it needs to be said that some peoples’ version of “perfect” is much different than others.

For some, perhaps “perfect” is something incredibly simple. As long as it’s clean and gets them around town, they don’t have any complaints.

However, others might have a little bit more intricate version of what “perfect” entails.

This time, we check out that intricate vision as it comes to life.

The process of stuffing a Coyote engine from a late-model Mustang into a 55 Ford F-100 probably takes some creativity. With that, we might see the need for custom parts like engine mounting hardware and maybe even a full custom exhaust to make everything fit together. However, it might boggle the mind to figure out how exactly somebody manages to spend half of a million dollars to make a combo like this shine.

This time, thanks to our ever informative host from AutotopiaLA, we get to learn just that with a very special Ford pickup. Often times, when we hear that somebody invested this much money into any build, it’s kind of hard to add up the price tag. With this video, though, we take a deeper dive, trying to lay out what makes this sort of build collect such a balance sheet.

By following along with the video below, in addition to learning a little bit more about how these sorts of vehicles come together, we also get to see one awesome truck. Being able to ride along with the build is really a great time for all!

I think that if this thing took a time machine all the way back to the year that it was created, the folks in 1955 might just think it was a space ship!