Turbo Jet-Powered Daihatsu Mira Is One Of The World’s Fastest Kei Cars

The regular Daihatsu Mira is hardly a car to write home about. However, as a vehicle that sold well throughout Asian markets for four decades, it truly is an example of functional classic cars. Starting production in 1980 the model saw thirteen generations before replacement in 2018. A Kei car, it’s small, light, and robust enough to get passengers and drivers from A to B. With a range of sub 1,000cc three and four-cylinder engines, the Mira usually has less than 50 horsepower. Weighing less than a ton is enough for most.

Keen to increase sales of the Mira, Daihatsu used all their outside-of-the-box thinking to create endless variations of the vehicle. Including models such as the Micracab, a shrunk pickup, and even a van. To rival the likes of the Suzuki Alto Works the manufacturers produced the X4R, an all-wheel-drive rally car. No matter how much the brand worked, they never produced a jet-engined model.

One Australian enthusiast turned this humble Kei car into a display of engineering lunacy.

What Can This Jet-Powered Car Do?

One owner featuring on Stance Royalty’s YouTube channel thought otherwise. Installing a Jet Engine onto a Mira the vehicle now has 2,600 horsepower. Combining the car’s engine under the hood increases power to 2,635 horsepower. The owner, David Nicotra, claims with an Australian charm, that the vehicle isn’t much harder to drive than a normal car.

The only feature that makes it more complicated is the dual controls. With two different controls, one for the jet and the other for the car’s regular controls. However, take this with a pinch of salt as Nicotra has plenty of experience with his jet-powered creations.

This particular one can reach speeds of 320 k/mh, just shy of 200 mph. Kei cars have a self-imposed speed limit of 87 mph, and this ludicrous modification makes this example one of the fastest Kei cars on the planet.


Why Make A Jet-Powered Car?

Diahatsu Mira Jet Car with jet running

Making this vehicle even more insane is its status as a road registered in New South Wales, a state on the southeast coast of Australia. Running the license plate “JETCAR”, this insane vehicle can drive on roads. However, with the jet engine’s afterburn extending a few feet behind the vehicle, using the full 2,600 horsepower is more than likely going to get the driver into a spot of bother with the authorities. Thus, these cars are for off-road use

The owner has another equally ridiculous vehicle. The Tomcat is a monster truck from the United States that has a jet engine protruding from the back. According to Monster Truck Fandom, the jet partners a 540 big block engine, this truck has the potential to have over 3000 horsepower. The 1000 horsepower Hennessy Venom 1000 looks rather quaint by comparison. Nicotra partakes in the show car scene in Perth. This includes both arena shows and car park-style car meets. There might be safer methods of achieving dizzying performance figures but few with as much spectacle. Stance Royalty’s video closes with shots of the vehicles speeding across a dirt arena.