Ever since the conflict of Ukraine and Russia come to the fore many videos are coming from Ukraine. The videos are showing the miserable conditions in the country and raise concerns towards the citizens of Ukraine. Day after day the conditions in Ukraine are getting worse and if the problems would not resolve soon then the situation will surely take a big negative impact which will affect the entire world. Talking about the latest video controversy, a video is currently making rounds on social media purposely views a tank running over a civilian automobile in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Video Of Tank Running Over Car

The tank which is depicted in the video, the social media users speculated was Russian, is watched swerving across several traffic lanes prior to running over a car traveling in the opposite direction, smashing it. After that, the armored vehicle then comes up to reverse. The news outlet verified the authenticity of the videos. The incident has happened in the Obolon district of Kyiv Ukrainian reporter Alexander Khrebet tweeted, accompanied by video footage taken from a long distance in a high-rise building. Many other videos from different vantage points were also uploaded online as watchers expressed their shock and concerns.


Tank Running Over Car Video

After watching these videos, Franak Viacorka, senior advisor to Belarus elected official wrote a tweet which reads that “In Ukraine, a Russian tank had driven over the civilian war. Horrible footage.” Human rights activist, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya also wrote, “My thoughts are with the innocent people of Ukraine. In another video, a group of men is watched attempting to pull a man from the wreckage. They are watched banging on the car and attempting to pry it open as a man comes up inside.

He comes up to survive but the extent of his wounds was not clear. While some speculated the tank was Russian and the driver lost control, the outlet has not been asserted that. The forces of Ukraine and Russia have continued to involve in battles as Moscow tries to take Kyiv. On Thursday, 24th February 2022, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense asked inhabitants through Twitter to inform authorities about any foe troop movements and to use Molotov cocktails to “neutralize the occupier!”

Both the countries have to resolve their conflict soon otherwise the entire world will need to face the situation of World War III. Stay tuned with getindianews for more national and international news.