Watch thieves steal a black dodge challenger SRT hellcat

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one of the most sought-after performance cars in the U.S. This desirability seems to be prompted the theft of one in Chicago recently.

This video was filmed at 5:00 a.m. in the morning of August 25 and initially shows a white Jeep Cherokee pulling into the parking lot and reversing into a spot right next to the Hellcat.

Two masked men then get out and at the same time, an accomplice in an orange Dodge Challenger also pulls into the parking area, reversing into a nearby space to keep a close eye on what was happening. Before long, a white Audi e-tron pulls in and also appears to have been driven by an accomplice.

Over the following few minutes, the thieves manage to break into the black  Challenger SRT Hellcat and are able to start it up. Before long, all four vehicles involved in the heist pull away

It is difficult to say what tools the thieves used to steal the Dodge but it certainly took a lot longer than we have seen with recent relay attacks targeting vehicles with keyless entry systems. Relay attacks are often performed at homes where thieves use a device to receive the signals from a vehicle’s keyless remote. These signals are then transferred to a second device that allows thieves to open the doors and turn on the engine.