Woman goes berserk trying to flee hit and run scene

A shocking video shows a probable hit-and-run suspect freaking out when her car is blocked from exiting a California parking lot by other automobiles.

Steve Johnson posted the popular video to the ‘What is going on in Riverside County?’ Facebook page on Wednesday night, and Laurie Harper videotaped it.

It’s been shared over 1,100 times and received over 1,400 comments since then.

The event was captured on camera in a parking lot along Railroad Canyon Road.

In the video, someone can be heard blocking the woman’s black automobile with his own car and saying that she was involved in a ‘hit and run.’

He informs her that her acts constitute a ‘felony,’ and urges her to exit the vehicle.

The woman leaps from her car and begins weeping, describing how she had already been engaged in a hit-and-run.

She quickly dashes inside her vehicle to collect her front end bumper, which had been lying on the ground.

The lady shouts that the male ‘doesn’t get it,’ and then wiggles her way out of the suffocating area.

She implores the cameraman to move his car, but he refuses, leading the woman to cry even harder.

As the woman steers her car out of the place and drives away, the videographer wonders where the cops are.

It is unclear if the police were contacted before or after the footage was recorded, according to a caption on the video.

It is presently unknown if the lady is being sought by authorities.