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Women Supercar Owners Show Off Their Cars (And Abs) For Supercar Blondie

The YouTuber caught up with the Arabian Gazelles, Dubai’s first all-female supercar club.

In the 21st century, diversity and equality are important subjects. We saw that throughout 2020, with the Black Lives Matter movement campaigning for social justice all over the world, particularly in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Someone who is also breaking new ground is Alex Hirschi, better known as Supercar Blondie. She is one of the world’s most popular YouTubers and influencers, with over 5.5 million subscribers on the video streaming platform alone. And in her latest video, she is checking out some supercars and their female owners.

Women Only Supercar Owners Interviewed

All of the supercars featured in this video are owned by women. They are part of the Arabian Gazelles, Dubai’s first all-female supercar club. It is an important step forward, as women’s rights remain an issue in many countries across the globe, despite us living in a time when really, they should not be an issue at all. Alex went to find out how they made the money to be able to afford these cars and get to know them and those cars a bit more.


The first lady she talks to owns one of Ferrari’s latest cars, the Roma. This is a $250,000 V8 monster, with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The lady who owns the car is a VIP Concierge providing access to some of the most exclusive events, award shows, and movie premieres in the world. The Ferrari Roma does seem like the perfect car for someone working for such a high-class company. And she only got it a few days prior to the video!

Luxury Supercars On Show

The next lady she spoke to owned a Bentley Continental GT, one of the British company’s finest cars, and it too is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine. This car’s owner says she works on her abs, which, well can only be assumed to be workout-related. But still, the car is absolutely stunning, finished in a very fetching gold color. The depth and breadth of supercars on show in Alex’s video is incredible with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce all featured in the video, with Ferraris being a popular choice! It was very cool to see how many of these women are in high-end jobs too, but of course, there is still work to be done when it comes to equality.